Highlights of the last 6 months' updates

Here's a brief summary of the patch notes created between September 2023 and January 2024. For more detailed and up-to-date information, please join our Discord server!

- Challenger level cap has been raised to 30
- Added new maps: White Randol
- Reworked dungeons: Belfist Temple, Procyon Temple
- Added new affinities: White Randol - Realm, Cryptic - Realm
- Added over 40 new monsters with varying strength and drops
- Added a new story challenge for White Randol
- Added new challenges for the Cube for farming Jewel Particle Mineral
- Added new challenges for the Monster Combo for farming Godlike Coins
- Added new world bosses
- Added new Exchange-NPCs: Challenger Consultant II, Glass Consultant II, Crypto Consultant, Combo Consultant
- Added PvE skill for all classes which cannot be used in PvP

- Added more than 800 new items
- Added more than 30 new P2 pets
- Added over 30 new and unique Draw-Boxes
- Added summon scrolls for relevant monsters
- Added a new item which buffs Wind Blessing in PvE, the item cannot be used in PvP

- Added more than 30 different Purple Seal Wings
- Added new Dynamic Wings for Challenger gear

- Added new special titles with optimized seals and new effects
- Activated the C1-Cover system and created new covers
- Added a lot of different C2 covers

- Implemented new Quest-Conditions (Cube Rooms, Monster Combo Points)
- Implemented Auto-LacaBall, Auto-Mondstone, Auto-Igination
- Implemented a new Quest-UI
- Increased drop bag capacity
- Improved Challenger-System-UI
- Implemented a skill block system to ensure fair PvP/Castle and PvE gameplay
- Implemented inactivity check for Artificat holders (will be kicked if inactive)

- Added a new leveling spot in the middle of tarian (up to C15)
- Added a new leveling spot outside Tarian Lab
- Added Skill Point Booster in Cash NPC
- Added NPC-Scrolls for Mondshine, Bloodymir and Tarian in Cash NPC
- Added Challenger & Glorious Weapon Box for White Randol Affinity
- Dynamic Consultant I can exchange Extreme Affinity Booster
- Replaced the current Juno with the oldschool EP2 Juno! 
- Opening up to 10 boxes at once is now possible
- Added the current ping below the Radar (demo) 
- Added more items to the Moonstone statue
- Enabled Lv.3 PvE Skills for all classes
- Added more inventory slots
- Dratan Castle Map Reworked 
- Merac Castle Map Reworked
- Reworked the Cash-Prices:
  *  10€:  4500 Cash
  *  25€: 13000 Cash
  *  50€: 30000 Cash
  * 100€: 70000 Cash
- Reworked the Cash-Shop
- New Weapon-Cover
- Chaos Jewel Pocket

- Affinity Boss in Velpist Temple 
- Boosters Boss in Bloodymir & Tarian 
- Coupon Boss in Procyon Temple 
- Exp Boss in Bloodymir & Tarian 
- Gambling-Wing Boss I in Velpist Temple 
- Gambling-Wing Boss II in Procyon Temple 
- Raid Big-Boosters Boss in White Randol 
- Raid Big-Exp Boss in White Randol 
- Raid Drugged Cash Boss in White Randol 
- Raid Gold Boss in White Randol 
- Raid Statpoint Boss in White Randol 

- Potions from the Buff-Box decrease time even if logged out now 
- Fixed a issue where players couldn't use skills after dying
- Fixed a minor issue with the 'Back to Juno' functionality
- Fixed skill restrictions for war-castle owner/members
- Resolved minor issues with the Challenger-System
- Removal of all Chaos Jewel Pocket Grade 1-14
- Deactivation of the Nerve Disturbance Device
- Fortune Cover-System removed and deactivated
- Removal of all Jewel Pocket Grade 1-14
- Fixed disappearing Halloween P2 Pet
- Removal of NPC: Yellow, Purple Cube
- Fixed damage scaling for PK-Penalty
- Re-Filled 30D Premium in Cash-Shop
- Fixed P2-Pet skills not working
- Fixed donating affinity points
- Resolved issues with Buff Lock 
- Issues with PvE-Cleric skill
- Fixed curse removal scrolls 
- Fixed Stone-Statues in Juno
- Fixed missing NPCs in Juno
- World-Boss damage reduced
- Healer: PvE Skill fixed
- Mage: PvE Skill fixed
- Fixed Pet-EXP Seals 

- Reworked Anti-Cheat to reduce false-positive triggers

Mondshine at Mountain of Death (Skeleton)
- Monster level set to 165, along with increased HP and defense + EXP
- New Skeleton spots added

 - Added new spawn point for all Cotantoce, they are now also located in front of the chapel
 - Giant Pumpkin Head Drop-All reworked and can drop up to 1850 Cash Tokens!
 - Adjusted the Lab Monster EXP curve from x1 to x4 for safety reasons
 - Norg Brother Brooder Respawntime changed to 30 seconds
 - Reworked element bosses, they drop relevent items now
 - Reduced damage of monsters around Challenger-Level 15
 - Changed repawn time of the World-Bosses
 - Add Stone Statue outside of Juno(EP3)
 - Reduced the damage of the new bosses
- Self-Defense mode now clears PvP-Skills and doesn't allow player to use restricted PvP-Skills
- Night Shadow skill Cop of Night has a cooldown of 10 seconds now
- All PvE Skills previously requiring C15 are now available for C1
- PvE Slowshot target type changed to Target Range (use with Tab)
- Sorcecer can use his veteran skill now im all states
- Titan Skill Swing has a cooldown of 3 seconds now
- Improved PvE Skill-Effects for the Night-Shadow
- Modified hit-type from Deadly Light
- PvE Shield chop Lv. 1 fixed
- PvE Slowshot Lv. 1 fixed

- Revised Quest: Unlock the Challenger (6/6). Previously, you received items to summon and kill them independently
- Restructured Quest: Secret Squad Extermination Mission 3 into a talk quest
- Quest: Tarian Clearing (7/37) changed from 200 to 35
- Quest: Tarian Clearing (16/37) changed from 200 to 35
- Quest: Tarian Hunting (7/37) changed from 25 to 5
- Quest: Tarian Hunting (16/37) changed from 25 to 1
- Quest: Eradicate Monsters in Tarian (4/37) changed from 140 to 100
- Quest: Eradicate Monsters in Tarian (6/37) changed from 140 to 100
- Quest: Eradicate Monsters in Tarian (7/37) changed from 1000 to 100
- Quest: Eradicate Monsters in Tarian (16/37) changed from 1000 to 100
- Significantly increased the defensive capabilities of the Serpent Statue

P2 Pets:
 - Defense has been significantly increased to make it effective for farming.
  - Elephant Skill Dance of Courage has now CCD 5min 60 sec.
 - Target Saving MP(30 days) triggers now at 99%
 - Target Saving HP(30 days) triggers now at 99%
 - Target Item Search (30 days) Range increased
 - Modified Type 2 Pet-Buffs
 - Halloween Event Consultant reworked
 - Pumpking Items Reward pool reworked 
 - Added Moonstone Consultant for simple exchange
General changes:
- Challenger & Glorious Weapon Box remains in the Dropbag and cannot be sold
- Godlike Coins & Necklaces can be used by non challenger players too now
- 30/14 Day buff-boxes can now also be used as a non challenger player
- Jewel Consultant improved Jewel Particle Mineral to Jewel Box Lv.5
- Quests which occur in the Challenger-System can be canceled now
- HP of Players & Monsters can now be seen without Life-Scanner
- Abandoned Challenger-Quests can now be restored at Crean!
- Increased amount of whisper-memories in chat from 5 to 10
- Drop Bag sell function is now available to all players
- Combo Box-  the Godlike Coin amount change from 1 to 3 
- Experience Consultant renamed to Dynamic Consultant I
- Displaying canceled quests in the Challenger-System
- Removed cap resistance for silence, stone, and stun
- Increased heaven stones upgrade rate to 100% sucess 
- Increased master stones upgrade rate to 100% sucess
- Santa-Hats are all C2-Covers now with special seals 
- Jewel Consultant: increased Jewel Particle Minerals
- Removed buff-restrictions during the castle-war
- Increased the price of the Lucky Spell Book
- Crypto-ExChange increased amount of coupns
- Platinum Pet Experience Potion is tradable
- Gold Booster price changed from 1kk to 8kk
- Removed Lucky Spell Book (3, 14, 30 days)
- Procyon Temple gold rate reduced 
- Increased the speed of LacaBall
- Bronze Event - Box  I reworked
- Silver Event - Box  I reworked
- Gold Event - Box  I reworked
- C2-Cover price change to 1999
- Reworked all PvE necklaces
- Limited run-speed to 25
- Increased in-game (FoV)
- Cube Box - reworked
- Improved Anti-Cheat

Items which can be deleted from the inventory now:
- Black Missionary Light
- Advanced Light of Black Missionary
- Average Light of Black Missionary
- Affinity Card
- Nerfed candy boxes 
- Challenger and Glorious Gear can be sold to the NPCs now 
- Improved gold drops in White Randol, Procyon and Velpist Temple 

Now sellable and exchange-able items (stack-size also improved):
All Coupons
All Exp Spells
All P2 - Leash
All Summon Scrolls
Challenger & Glorious Weapon Box
Combo Coin
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Fragment
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Trophy
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Quest Boxes
Damage Booster Box
Dynamic Chaos Ball
Empty basket
Experience Box
Gemstone Fusion Box
Godlike Candle
Godlike Lucky Pouch
Halloween - Token
Ignition Lv. 2 & 5
PvE Cube Lv.1 & 2
Red Lucky Pouch
Special Statpoints Box
Wind Blessing PvE

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